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Analysis of cracking and structure reactions of reinforced concrete slabs and girders under the influence of shear

Shear design in structural engineering and bridge construction

Innovative strengthening methods for concrete bridges

Adam, Viviane

Numerical modeling of fatigue of concrete and reinforced concrete

Baktheer, Abedulgader

Fatigue behaviour of high strength concrete

Fiber optic measurement systems

Becks, Henrik

Development of mechanical design models for subsequently reinforced with carbon concrete components

Methods for determining the surface roughness

Bergmann, Sarah

Design of components with non-metallic reinforcement

Sher resistance of non-metallic reinforced concrete

Industry projects utilizing non-metallic reinforcement

Bielak, Jan

Modular constructions for structural engineering applications

Bosbach, Sven

High-cycle fatigue characterization of on- and offshore wind turbines made of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete

Camps, Benjamin

Composite construction - Development of new design approaches for verifications of composite dowel strips in building construction and bridge construction

Christou, Georgios

Innovative strengthening methods of bridge structures with new material combinations and application methods

Development of novel modular bridge structures made of precast concrete elements

Dommes, Christian

Fatigue of bridge girders made of prestressed concrete under lateral force loading

Fatigue of element slabs with lattice girders for use in bridge and industrial construction

Hillebrand, Matthias

Punching behaviour of continuous slabs - 
Studying the influence of moment redistribution and compressive membrane action (CMA):
Experimental (test set-up) and theoretical (numerics, mechanical modell) work

Kalus, Matthias

Development of innovative precast components (modular systems) made of high-performance concrete for highly stressed prestressed concrete bridges

Knorrek, Christian

Shear force bearing capacity in building and bridge construction

New models for determining the shear force load capacity

Recalculation of existing bridge structures

Schmidt, Maximilian

Punching and mulions of carbon reinforced concrete

Reliability tests in carbon and reinforced concrete construction


Long-term durability of Textile Reinforced Concrete

Fatigue behaviour of Carbon Reinforced Concrete

Spelter, Arne

Investigations of the punching  behaviour of eccentrically loaded individual foundations


Ungermann, Jan