The curriculum of the Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB) includes courses in the bachelor and master programs "Civil Engineering" and "Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering Specialization" as well as in the bachelor program "Vocational School Teacher", "Transport Engineering and Mobility" and "Environmental Engineering".

The modules “Structural Concrete I to IV” and “Precast Concrete Constructions” deal with the construction and design of concrete structures, reinforced concrete structures, and prestressed concrete structures with respect to technical and economic aspects. The basic knowledge in structural engineering is taught in the modules "Basics of Structures" and "Building Construction". Due to the specialization in building materials, the variety of construction forms, and the development of new building materials, the aforementioned modules focus on basic principles and methodical approaches.

The module "Concrete Laboratory" allows students to get an insight into scientific research activity at the Institute of Structural Concrete. Alternatively, the module “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures” offers students the possibility to gain practical experience in the design of concrete structures and computer-aided visualization.

The interdisciplinary collaboration with other planning professions is taught in the modules "Process of Buildings in Lifecycle" and "Civil Engineering Project".

Under Media you will find a selection of films about buildings and research projects.