The research of the Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB) targets at current issues and covers a broad range of topics in the fields of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and composite constructions. Current research projects cover the following topics:

  • Development of construction and design rules for construction elements made of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete
  • Cracking and deformation behavior, as well as durability and sustainability of concrete and pre-stressed concrete elements in bridge and industrial construction
  • Pre-stressing in building and bridge construction
  • Use of self-compacting, high-performance and ultra-high-performance concrete
  • Design of composite structures in building and bridge construction
  • Development and application of textile-reinforced concrete

The work focuses on the application of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete in structures of all kinds (buildings, bridge and industrial construction), the resolution of unsettled questions in the load-bearing behavior of structures, as well as the specifications for refurbishing and strengthening of load-carrying elements. As such, the research projects cover basic research as well as application-orientated research.

The projects are supported and founded by DFG (German Research Foundation), DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete), DBV (German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology), DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology), AiF (Federation of Industrial Cooperative Research Associations) and the European Union, among others. Furthermore, contract research and development work for industrial clients are performed.

The results from these projects will be implemented through our participation in technical and scientific bodies and our close cooperation with industrial partners immersed in actual and new trends and technologies in the construction sector. The industrial projects carried out involve all levels of project implementation. These include:

  • Development of structural systems made of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete
  • Structural testing for components of all kinds of constructions
  • Non-linear deformation calculations considering the time-dependent material behavior of concrete (shrinkage, creep), effects of temperature and cracking
  • Dynamic examinations of bridges
  • Expertise on damages for road and rail bridges, as well as for building construction; development of restructuring concepts
  • Elaboration of design rules and expertise in obtaining technical approvals

In our laboratory, test equipment for static and dynamic tensile, compressive and bending tests, as well as a machine shop for the development and manufacturing of measuring devices and testing equipment are available.

The following 360-degree photo provides an insight into the 2017 extended test hall G, where some of the testing machines available to the institute can be seen.



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