"The foundations for a new way of building"

The long-standing research association of RWTH Aachen University and TU Dresden has contributed to the joint Application for the establishment and funding of the "SFB/Transregio 280" received the approval of the DFG. This means that the first four years of the Collaborative Research Centre, which is designed to run for a total of 12 years, can focusing on strategy development for carbon concrete structures and the development of new concepts for for resource-saving and material-minimized construction.

Professor Hegger accompanies the basic research as spokesman of the interdisciplinary research team of the RWTH of the joint project. This project consciously questions traditional design principles and solves inspired by botany, mathematics and art, from conventional patterns of thought. The creation a basis for a new way of building with concrete relies specifically on adaptive manufacturing methods in the production process and continuous assessments of sustainability over the entire life cycle of the Carbon concrete structures. Hence, current developments and questions are taken up to develop trend-setting to create paths for sustainable construction methods in the future.

We congratulate Prof. Hegger and the entire SFB/Transregio 280 research team on this Success!