• Art competition 2023 "ENTDECKUNG" of the CRC/Transregio 280

      Visualization of a symbiosisNature + concrete Competition theme The CRC/TRR 280 would like to invite artists to be inspired by the topics of the Collaborative Research Center. The aim of the competition is to show that carbon concrete as a product of science and technology has diverse relationships to art and nature. What becomes visible, what remains hidden to the researcher and what to the external person? How can nature and carbon concrete be combined as an art object? Concrete is basically simple, fast and inexpensive to produce, it can take on almost any shape and is the only building material that is also used extensively in developing and emerging countries. The CRC/ TRR 280 deals with a new way of building. The strategy development is aimed at creating innovative concepts and...

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  • Outstanding Paper Award 2022 for Henrik Becks

    Henrik Becks received for his paper “Characterization of high-strength concrete under monotonic and fatigue mode II loading with actively controlled level of lateral compression” the Outstanding Paper Award 2022 of the journal Materials and Structures (Springer Verlag). We congratulate Henrik Becks on this extraordinary success! Each year, up to ten papers are selected by the Materials and Structures Committee. These papers, covering all areas of RILEM activity, exemplify the highest standards in the scientific community. The list of winning papers is published in the Annual Report, in the RILEM Newsletter, and at Read More ...

  • Doctoral Examination M.Sc. Arne Spelter

    Mr. Arne Spelter passed his doctoral examination with very good results on December 9, 2022. The title of the dissertation is „Long-Term Durability of Carbon Reinforced Concrete”. The Institute of Structural Concrete congratulates on this excellent success! Mr. Prof. Hegger, Ms. Prof. Marzia Traverso, Mr. Dr.-Ing. Arne Spelter, Mr. Prof. Marcus Ricker.

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