• Friedrich-Wilhelm-Award 2022

    On November 18, 2022, Annkathrin Sinning M. Sc. received the Friedrich Wilhelm Award 2022 for her very good master's thesis: "„Development of a calculation concept for reinforced and prestressed concrete beams with shear reinforcement under cyclic shear loading” and Dr.-Ing. Jan Bielak for his dissertation: "Shear in slabs with non-metallic reinforcement", which he passed with distinction. The Friedrich Wilhelm Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements to students and young scientists at RWTH Aachen University. We congratulate Annkathrin Sinning and Jan Bielak on this success!      

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  • Doctoral Examination M.Sc. Abedulgader Baktheer

    Abedulgader Baktheer passed his doctoral examination with distinction on 7 July 2022. The title of the dissertation is „Model Components and Experimental Methods for Improved Characterization of Fatigue Behavior of Plain and Reinforced Concrete”. The Institute of Structural Concrete congratulates on this excellent success! Univ-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Weichold, Dr.-Ing. Abedulgader Baktheer, Univ-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Hegger, Prof. Dr. habil. Rostislav Chudoba

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  • Schöck Innovation Construction Award 2022

    (The photos were provided by the Eberhard Schöck Foundation: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Ummenhofer (Jury member), Felicitas Schöck (Councillor of the Eberhard Schöck Foundation), Peter Möller (Management Board of the Eberhard Schöck Foundation), Adrian Münch, Till Janiak, Annkathrin Sinning, Camilla Lewerenz, Thomas Stürzl (Chief Financial Officer of the Schöck Group), Dr. Harald Braasch (Chief Technical Officer of the Schöck Group), Mike Bucher (Chairman of the Schöck Group).) During the Schöck Construction Innovation Award event in Baden Baden, two applicants from the IMB were awarded the Innovation Award 2022 for their outstanding master's theses. Ms. Annkathrin Sinning with the topic „Entwicklung eines Berechnungskonzeptes für Stahl- und Spannbetonträger mit Querkraftbewehrung unter...

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